Thursday, March 25, 2010

1989 WB Batman Catalog Brochure

This is a small fold-out catalog from 1989. I believe these were handed out at some of the first showings of the 1989 Batman film but don't quote me on that. For the life of me, I can't remember where I got this one. This catalog advertises some interesting things from the merchandising blitz that accompanied the 1989 film. Enjoy it in all its late 80's cheesy glory.

I remember being fascinated that Toybiz was using repainted Super Powers figures to promote their forthcoming Batman toys. I was surprised when they finally showed up on store shelves and were all-new sculpts. Part of me wished they had just used the Super Powers molds. I still need to track down one of those Batcaves, someday.

Here's Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, modeling some Bat-duds. I've read that Bob was on "cloud nine" during this time when his creation became a world-wide phenomenon once again.

These two statues were produced in very limited numbers... only 50 pairs. These are insanely rare Batman collectibles. I remember thinking how odd it was to see Batman all dressed in black. Now, the black costume is an ingrained part of pop culture.

This kid is WAY too happy to be a part of this catalog. Just sayin.'


Bubbashelby said...

I'd have been that happy to be in that catalog. Happier even.

Those were handed out at theaters during the movie's first run. I still have a couple. I also ordered the Batwing and Batman and Joker figures from one because I couldn't wait for them to arrive in stores.

Brian B said...

I still have my copy too.
I had mine handed to me while waiting in line for the midnight primer of Batman.
Fun times.

I too remember thinking Batman's black costume looked weird.

I also remember seeing sneaked pictures of the new Bat-costume and I didn't think I could ever get used to the size of the cowls ears.

Nostalgic Gangsta said...

Thanks so much for posting the catalog. I got mine on opening weekend. They were handing them out with your tickets at the box office.
I remember seeing the toy biz batcave for the first time in the catalog and immediately knowing it needed to be at the top of my Christmas list that year.

Razmanshah said...

I love the way you posted your collections!!! I added you in my blog.

chunky B said...

I don't have mine now, but these were given out on opening night here, we even received a free soda in a little Batman Plastic Mug and a small popcorn.

I remember staring at the toys and pretty much thinking the same thing as you in regards to the Kenner Superpowers figures. That and I thought about ordering the set of toys with the little order sheet.

Dan said...

Hey Brian,
Thanks for the post. I'm finishing a book on transmedia and popular culture, and would love to include an image from this fantastic 1989 brochure. Would you possibly be able to scan it at a higher resolution and send it to me by e-mail? I'd be forever grateful, and would happily include an acknowledgment in the book. My e-mail is dhasslerforest at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I so wish i had one im 30 and BATMAN IS STILL MY HERO LOL

Unknown said...

I so wish i had one im 30 and BATMAN IS STILL MY HERO LOL