Monday, May 2, 2022

The Museum Visit: Part 2

The dinosaurs were as anxious to get to the children's museum and see the Batman collection as we were.

We saw some dinosaurs first.

I even had a wax one made as a souvenir. 

The Gus Grissom Liberty capsule.

Charles was shot out of a canon.

Brian showed off his super strength. 

Photos were taken.

We played with some of the interactive displays.

Charles found some Star Wars figures.

We found a pair of our vans on display.

Then we finally found the Guinness book of world records Batman collection!

Yep that was it.
I have to admit is was pretty disapointing when three collectors come to view a record collection and find the display smaller than what they have on display in their homes.

There was a tiny picture of it in the display. That's something I guess.

We discussed it a minute and thought "It is what it is" and got on to the business at hand...


Then photo documenting it.

There was a little bit of  "Got it. Got it. Need it. Got it" that was said.

Spiderman was jealous of all the attention the small display got.

To be continued.


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