Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Batman Clip-art

How many of you Bat-collectors out there can boast of this beauty?
Batman clip art by Konami.
This came out some time in the mid nineties and I bought it for my kids. (Wink, wink!)

This box is showing its age a little bit by yellowing but it is still in pretty good shape.

The box is about the size of a comic book and a good three quarters of an inch thick.

What kind of goodies could be packed in that much box?

Just a card folded in half.
All you old enough to remember buying any software in the nineties know about buying a giant box that only contained a floppy diskette and a single sheet of instructions inside.

That was always disappointing.
So this was actually a treat to have such nice packaging holding the diskettes.

Even if it looked exactly like the box it came in.

It did open up though to reveal . . .

a line up of characters and two diskettes.

Imagine how much must be stored on all that disk space.
It claims to have 80 images on it.
I didn't find that many.

Kids, this was back when you turned on your computer and the only thing you saw was a C prompt. C:_

This didn't run on Windows.
It was just an image library.
You could use the images in Printshop though.
Printshop ran all on its own too and didn't use Windows.
Strange time I know.

Needles to say it took a little bit to get the images that I have below off the disk.
Most of the images were black and white that you could print out for the kids to color.

The Bruce Timm artwork is great though.

Brian B