Thursday, March 25, 2010

1989 WB Batman Catalog Brochure

This is a small fold-out catalog from 1989. I believe these were handed out at some of the first showings of the 1989 Batman film but don't quote me on that. For the life of me, I can't remember where I got this one. This catalog advertises some interesting things from the merchandising blitz that accompanied the 1989 film. Enjoy it in all its late 80's cheesy glory.

I remember being fascinated that Toybiz was using repainted Super Powers figures to promote their forthcoming Batman toys. I was surprised when they finally showed up on store shelves and were all-new sculpts. Part of me wished they had just used the Super Powers molds. I still need to track down one of those Batcaves, someday.

Here's Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, modeling some Bat-duds. I've read that Bob was on "cloud nine" during this time when his creation became a world-wide phenomenon once again.

These two statues were produced in very limited numbers... only 50 pairs. These are insanely rare Batman collectibles. I remember thinking how odd it was to see Batman all dressed in black. Now, the black costume is an ingrained part of pop culture.

This kid is WAY too happy to be a part of this catalog. Just sayin.'

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Adventures of Batman and Robin, C5


Mr. Freeze wants to stay with his wife.

Brian B

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Corgi 1/24 Scale 1940s Batmobile

This is Corgi's 1940s Batmobile in 1/24 scale, I believe. The car, itself, is about 7 and a half inches long. For those of you keeping score, it was released in 2005.

Corgi is known for producing beautiful scale models of Batmobiles and this one is no exception. Heavy and well-built, this diecast model also comes pre-built and pre-painted.

I'm a huge fan of this iteration of the Batmobile. Since the look of Batman's world tends to be timeless, yet set in a pseudo 1940s timeframe (I'm thinking of things like Burton's first Batman film and Batman: The Animated Series), this car fits in very well with that general vibe.

I really like the black and red color scheme on this car. It really adds to the menacing look that the giant fin and battering ram mask give this vehicle.

I'd love to see a version of this car brought back for a film or animated Batman project. Am I crazy, or do I remember seeing a version of this car in the Brave and Bold series, at some point? Maybe just as a cameo appearance?

Looks like Alfred's been slacking. Look at all that dust. Shame.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Did you get one of these in the nineties for your birthday?

I did and my son did too.
I don't know where mine went but I did find one of my sons that I kept.

Here is a side view of the card.

These were great.
They had amazing detail in the die cut and I count 12 levels of depth in the card.

They had all kinds of them but Batman was the best.

Seems like I remember two different Batman cards but I can't remember for sure.

You can see a bigger version HERE.

Brian B

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Adventures of Batman and Robin, C3


"Flee from Oceana. It will be destroyed!"


It seems that most Batman collectors choose the Joker as their favorite Bat-villain to collect.
I have Jokers in my collection.
Caesar Romeo terrified me as a kid while watching the Adam West series on television but it was a good kind of terror.
His laugh is what did it. His laugh and the way his hair shook when he moved his head.

I have many villains in my collection.
Catwoman, Two Face and Scarecrow to name a few but my favorite villain to collect is Mr. Freeze.

I think it is the domed helmet and back pack that make his figures stand out to me.
I also like his story line.
The movie Subzero gives us a detailed insight behind his life of crime. Love for his wife and his desperate actions he takes to save her.

I like most every version of the how he is costumed.
Although the movie Batman and Robin tried to ruin everything Batman related, I think he still had a cool suit.

I am sure I will share my Mr. Freeze collection with you soon.

Brian B