Monday, July 26, 2010

Batman Silly Bandz

If you have a kid in school or have met any kid recently you know what Silly Bandz are.
If you have no idea what a silly band is I will give my in depth explanation of them.

Rubber bands in different shapes.

Oh I left out one important fact. You wear them on your wrist.

There are all kinds of them.
There are Fairytale, sports, Scooby Doo, instruments and Batman Silly Bandz just to name a few.

Kids wear them on the wrists and it is fun to ask what they have.
The kid then pulls one off their wrist and then tries to explain to you what the weird shaped piece of rubber is supposed to look like.

This set contains more than Batman but he is why I bought them.

You get Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman.

Nice DC colors.

I could not believe that they didn't include the Bat-symbol as a band.

They come in four colors. Blue, red, yellow and green. (One of my kids already nabbed the red one of mine. MEGAN!)
You get four of each character in every color.

Be cool and add these to your collection.

Brian B

Friday, July 23, 2010

Batroom 2

I haven't got a whole lot more done on my Batroom this week because it has been WAY to hot here.

I did get my giant Batman night light hung up.

I also got some more of my Bat-things in my other case.

I would like to say that I am impressed with these cases.
I have figures standing in these cases and after a week and a half none of them have fallen over due to foot traffic.
This is the first room that you enter when you come into the house. (Why wouldn't it be?)
So it sees a ton of foot traffic and figures that I had had trouble keeping upright on a shelf are standing firm in the Detolf cases.

Elaine also had the brilliant idea of mounting the Batman Brave and the Bold race track on the wall!

This looks awesome!.
This is something you want to keep out but takes up room and the longer it is up the bigger the chances are that something will break.
Not if it is on the wall. There it becomes part of the whole display if not modern art.

I had worried about attaching the cars to the track but that ended up being no big deal at all.

The cars internal magnets hold them in place perfectly.

No, I haven't tried to run them while attached to the wall....... yet.

More updates to come.
(No, I am not taking any modeling jobs at the moment.)

Brian B

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mattel Superfriends Batman

Look at this guy! Doesn't he just make you want to smile? Just a few years ago, Mattel produced a somewhat short-lived line of of Rescue Hero-esgue figures and vehicles under the "Superfriends" label (Batman has a copyright date of 2007). Batman, naturally, is my favorite from the line. Several other characters like Superman, Aquaman, and even Hawkman were produced.

Even though this version of Batman is meant to be kid-friendly and stylized, he's one of my favorite Batman figures that has EVER been released. He stands proudly on my shelf and exudes classic "Bat-goodness" day after day.

I guess he's kind of a reminder of how fun Batman was to me as a kid and how fun he still can be today. Sure, I like Batman to be menacing and scary as much as the next guy, but you can't deny that there's something very cool and fun about Batman being depicted as he is with this toy.

Mattel also produced a very cool Batmobile to go with this figure, as well as a MattyCollector exclusive Robin. I'll probably do a post on each of them in the future.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Batroom!!!

For my birthday my wife said we would redo or do up my Batroom/office!

I thought I would document the progress here for other Batfans to enjoy.

First thing we did was gut the room.

She wanted me to paint the room in Batman colors.

I thought I would use the colors from the Batman Mini figures. I really like these little figures and the blue and gray Batman figures are my favorite, mini's or regular size.

We started with the ceiling and gave it a fresh coat of white.

Our house has a picture railing through out the house so we decided to paint this section of the wall Batman gray.

(There is one section of wall that will not be painted. It is where we marked the kids growth at the beginning and ending of each school year for the 12 years we have lived at the house. That section of drywall will come with me if we ever move.)

The biggest parts of the walls we did in Batman blue.

(We were going for speed too so the shelves to the right I am going to paint later.)

We pulled out all of my books and painted the wall behind them Batman gray.
Even my ladder goes with the room doesn't it?

Now we are ready for the new addition to the room and the reason we have been rushing to get the painting done.

Detolf cabinets from Ikea!!

Elaine bought me one and the kids bought me another one. Two Detolf's!!!
Elaine wanted me to get three total but I thought two would be enough. (We will see!)

These look great in low lighting! (But hard to take decent pictures of)
I thought they would be cool to have but they were so much cooler than I expected them to be.

You had to buy the lights in addition to the cabinets but they are well worth it.
As a matter of fact the lights are what make the cabinets awesome!

The shelves filled up way faster than I expected them to.

One shelf done but it is still not in its finished state. ( I am sure they will change as I get out more and more of my collection)

Stay tuned for future updates on the room as I get them done.

If you have any suggestions for the room please send them my way too.

Brian B