Friday, November 5, 2010

Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor

While remodeling my Batroom I decided to display some of my Bat-books on my bookshelf.
I thought I would tell you little about the third book from the left.

As with many things in my Bat-collection this book was a gift from a fellow Bat-fan named Lee.

Back then I used to see Lee about once a year at camp.

He brought me this book one year and told me excitedly that "You get to BE Batman not just read about him!"

Needless to say I couldn't wait until I could get some time to read this book.

The book is called Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor and is written by Duane Swierczynski.

Lee was right. This is no mere book where you read a story and hear about clues that the Worlds Greatest Detective finds. You are the detective and the clues are in your hands.

Here is the first clue.

Construction workers at Wayne Manor find a body buried on Wayne property and along with the body, Bruce Wayne finds an invitation to a masquerade party held at the manor years ago.
On the back of the invitation is a hand written message and blood stains.

Needless to say Batman is on the case and he begins to investigate whose body is buried on Wayne property and who murdered them.

Along the way Commissioner Gordon slips you a copy of an autopsy report.

Alfred passes you a photograph from that night as you rebuild the nights events.
The photo contains a picture of Bruce's parents and another couple.

You also better brush up on how to read DNA results because you will need this information if you want to solve the case.

Once you have all the clues for the case it is time for you to solve the mystery.

The last chapter of the book is sealed shut so you won't accidentally get a peak of the answer while you work through the book.

This is a fun book and I look forward to going through it again after I have forgotten who did it.
I would love to say I completely solved it but I didn't. I did get the majority of it right but I missed some the little details.

This book came out in 2008 so I am sure you can still find a copy of it somewhere.
I highly recommend that you do and don't peek!

Brian B