Friday, July 15, 2011

Batman On Board

My son and I were cleaning out the garage this past week to make room for his Gold's Gym home version and I found some Bat-items that I had forgotten about.

I found two signs that were made in the "Baby' On Board" style that was a fad in the mid 1980's.
(Although I saw a Baby's on Board sign on a car this past week!)
These hung on your rear or side windows by a little suction cup.

Here are the two I found.

These are well worn because they hung on the rear window of my Nisan pickup truck until it died. (Over 250,000 miles)
After the truck had given up they ghost they went in a box of things that were in the truck and then moved around until this past week.

I am sure I got these around the release of Batman in 1989.

Look pretty good hanging in Gotham.

So now they get placed where they belong. With the rest of my Bat-collection.

Thursday, July 7, 2011



This is from issue #6 of Batman Incorporated.
Art by Chris Burnham.

I really liked this issue and this panel in particular.
You could just feel the Batbots menacing presence so I thought I would give them some pacing movement. Like "Come on. Give us a reason to fight!".