Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mezco Batman and Robin with the Batmobile

So far this is the only toy in the new "Batman: Classic TV Series" I have seen in a store!

It is put out by Mezco and the box says it is a Mez-it toy.
I have never seen one of these toys in the real world before I saw this one.

I have seen the figure on line before but I thought that they were bigger than they are.

The Batmobile is nice and has nice details for the style of toy that it is.

I love the Armor Bat symbol on the side of the Batmobile.

(The color isn't coming off on the stickers it is the lights in my dining room making it look that way.)

The dash has nice details on the stickers inside.

The figures really surprised me. They had more articulation than I thought they would have and they had nice details on them.

I think this is a pretty good Adam West looking figure.

Burt Ward isn't as close but it works.
The heads swivel and have a good range of motion as well as the arms and legs.
Their capes are fabric and can rotate around their necks too.

"Hang on Old Chum!"

It was a nice unexpected toy.

Here it sits in my collection, which will all be rearranged when I get my hands on the other classic TV toys due out soon.

"Stay tuned citizens!"

I will let you know when I get them.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Darwyn Cooke Bendy Figure

Bendy's are back!

Bendy figures were very popular when I was a kid.
They were placed where whiny kids could see them at check lanes and were a spontaneous purchase.

These figures are made of "rubber" and have a wire skeleton inside them that help the figure hold the pose that you bend them into.

None of my bendy figures from my youth survied to present day though.
If you really played with a figure the wires would eventually pop out of the characters making them a weapon that you could use on your siblings.  So they got thrown away over time.

This figure is Batman based on the drawings of Darwyn Cooke.
This particular figure is from Darwyn's "The New Frontier" book.

 Batman looking as if Mr. Freeze has frozen him in ice!

I liked the way he is packaged in a vintage style to match the comic but this Batman demanded to be set free from his card prison.

This figure looks like he is bursting from the pages of the comic!

 For a bendy figure it has really nice detail.

 Batman speading fear!

He has a nice cape too.

I also don't worry about the wires coming out of this figure.
The older figure had disporportional arms and legs making them easier to bend but this figure does not.

You can bend him but he won't be spelling "YMCA" with his arms.

 I like the detail of his loose fitting costume.

A great figure for a great comic book Batman.

On the outskirts of Gotham....