Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm in the process of cleaning my studio today. I thought I'd pull out some of my loose Batman figures and throw them up in a grouping. Nothing vintage or even older than 5 or 6 years but fun to see in a set, all the same. So, I thought I'd post a quick shot.

More reviews of statues and individual items coming soon.


chunky B said...

Cool, I might be weird, but I like seeing how peoples collections exist in the wild. I see some familiar and unfamiliar faces in there.

Brian A said...

Hey, CB,

I'm the same way. I LOVE to see other people's collections.

Have you ever seen all these great collections at Legions of Gotham. Makes me want to drag out all my stuff and cram it into a single room. :)

I still couldn't touch some of these collections, tho.


Also, Eternalcollector.com has some great collections "in the wild," too.

chunky B said...

Oh yeah I have spent hours pouring through the collections at both sites, I love to see how others display their stuff.

I once had all my Batman stuff out, but sadly it's mostly packed up right now, and some of the stuff in the photo has found another home.


The photo was cut off too, there was a fifth self and larger items on the floor under it...

Brian A said...

Wow! Cool collection, CB. That's what I'm talkin' about!!

I think I'll post some photos of my studio from a couple of years ago when I had more Batman stuff up. I've never done a huge collection set-up like the one in your photo, though.

So cool. Thanks!