Saturday, March 9, 2013

Batman Black & White Mike Mignola Variant Statue

Fellow Bat-fan and blogger extraordinaire, Charles (Chunky B), is guest-posting on Under the Giant Penny today.  You may know him from his work on other great sites like his own Eclectorama and Batman the Animated Toys.  Today, he's giving us a taste of his own extensive Batman collection.  Even though this is a guest post, Charles has agreed to make this a more permanent thing and will be joining UTGP as a regular blogger.  So, we're very glad to have him joining us!  Both Brians want to wish him a very big WELCOME to Under the Giant Penny.

Without further ado, I'll turn this over to Charles:

 Hello UTGP fans I am Charles (aka Chunky B), and Brian A and Brian B were gracious enough to have given me a chance at a guest post on Under the Giant Penny. Actually I think I may have lost a bet, but that is neither here nor there. When I thought about what I wanted to post on UTGP, I had to come up with something that was up to the standards established at this fine Batman Collectibles site.  It couldn't be the usually action figure or happy meal toy, it had to be something cool. That's when I looked over on my book case and I remembered I recently came into ownership of a Batman Black and White Statue! Actually this is sort of rare for me as I only have one other Batman Statue in my collection, I just never was into them, but having said that, it is on occasion that I will get one and this was one of those occasions. 

I actually came in possession of this statue from some friends at a comic book shop in Florida, they knew my love for Batman and also Mike Mignola Hellboy and thought this would be a perfect choice to send me. They were absolutely correct.

The Batman Black & White Mike Mignola Variant Statue was designed by Hellboy's creator Mike Mignola and sculpted by Jonathan Mathews. Released in February 2012 as part of DC Collectables Batman Black and White Statue Collection.  I am uncertain of the edition size, but I know that the first edition released in 2006 of this thing sold out quick and this variant edition is not the easiest thing to find, at least where I live. I will assume that all the UTGP readers are familiar with the theme of these statues, being mono chromatic and on a logo base that reflects the logo of the comic for which the series was born. What makes this version a variant is the deco used on Batman's chest, instead of  like the previous version with the giant Bat Symbol only, this version incorporates the oval around the Bat Symbol. A version I think I like better anyway, reminds me of that classic blue and gray Batman. 

 I really think that the cold cast porcelain statue really captures the detail that is Mignola's trade marks, the heavy folds, the nicks in the design here and there, and the chiseled graphic quality of Batman's body. Something to note, being a relatively new member of the statue collectors society is that you have to be extremely careful with cold cast porcelain statues. I was trying to press Batman's foot down, because the way they are mounted on the base makes it seem like he is hovering (something that would probably only bug me) and caused a micro crack in his ankle, nothing that is visible unless you get really, really close, but be careful.

The side view gives you a better view of Batman's weighted pose, as if he has the world on his shoulders, looking out over Gotham planning his next move or contemplating the clues left by the Riddler or the Joker. I think of all the styles I really enjoy this more graphic approach to the character.

Having received this I could easily see myself going after others in the collection. The size of these things, measuring at about seven and a half inches heigh make them attractable as they do not take up too much shelf space, but make more of a presence than your usual action figure.

Thanks again to my friends at Tate's for thinking of me, and a big thanks to Brian A and B for the invite for the guest post. Until next time, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

I LIKE- liked Mignola's "chiseled" style as a kid, too. Interesting paint- they went all the way there

chrismandesign said...

i have seen some statues of this series, but this particular Mignola’s recreation is something new for me... the approach is similar to that of the old Spawn Series 25: The Classic Comic Covers, i mean, the reinterpretation of 2D characters in 3D statues is surprinsingly accurate... as you, Chunky B, i have not many statues in my collection because they are much more delicate than other kind of collectibles, but the level of detail and paint job tips the scale in their favor... =)


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