Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Marathon Day: Brian B

I took this challenge as if it were going to be this weekend. The only way I can even fit this kind of television time in my head, in a fantasy setting, is to imagine that my wife would be away for the day and that I must be sick or something or I would NEVER get this kind of television time no matter what the weather.

So if it were this Saturday and I could do nothing but watch T.V. all day and my selection was only the Batman archive this would be it.

I will say this up front.
Every Saturday morning my amazing wife lets me be 10 years old and watch something Batman while I eat my cereal.  Thanks Elaine!

Now on with my list!

I would start off with two Batman Beyond episodes.  This show was recently added to Netflix and I am making my way through it right now.  I know that I have not seen every episode so I always look forward to seeing ones that I missed when this show aired.
In my mind this show is worth watching for the intro alone!

Batman Brave and the Bold would be next and I would watch two episodes.
This would be for the same reasons that I would watch Batman Beyond.  They were recently added to Netflix and I saw very few of these when they aired.
I just could never catch it when it was on and when I thought I had figured it out they would move it.  I do not have Tivo though that would make catching an episode easier.

2 hours watched.
8 hours before my wife gets home.

Val Kilmer as Batman would be next in Batman Forever.

I saw this in the theater and then again when I bought it on VHS.  I have it on DVD now but I have never watched it again.
So just because it has been Forever (Ha ha!) since I have watched it I would watch it in my Bat-marathon.  Also I liked the song in it by Seal too. Kiss from a rose if I remember right.  I had the cassette. Who am I kidding? I probably still have the cassette somewhere.

3.25 hours watched.
6.75 hours before my wife gets home.

In all seriousness I would watch Batman and Robin next.

This is a rare day to watch shows I would rarely get a chance to watch.  I think I have only seen this one twice as well.
In my defense I looked at this challenge as if this was my plan for this Saturday.  At this point in my day of laying around watching T.V. I would start to doze off and if I am going to sleep through something on this Bat-Movie-day it might as well be during Batman and Robin.  Thanks Clooney for almost killing the franchise!

4.5 hours watched.
5.75 hours before my wife gets home.

After a snack and a nap I would be ready for one of my favorites in the Batman wheelhouse.  Batman Begins.
I don't get everyone out there saying that they are tired of origins stories, I am not.  I really like this origin too.
So I am wide awake and watching this one with glee.

6.7 hours watched.
3.3 hours before my wife gets home.

The Dark Knight Rises would have to be next.
I would watch it with the commentary on because I have not done that yet.

9:15 watched 85 minutes before my wife gets home.

I would put they cherry on top of this marathon day with the first episode of the Adam West Television series, Hi Diddle Riddle.

This would take me over time just a little bit but my wife doesn't seem to mind as much if she catches me watching one of these episodes.

Now I would need to get up and do something before I got bed sores or she had me admitted to a hospital.



Brian A said...

Love your choices! It cracked me up that you ACTUALLY put Batman and Robin in there to give yourself time for a nap. Genius!!

I had to approach this as a fantasy setting, too. I would never be "allowed" to sit in front of the TV for 10 hours... nor would I want to. Ha, ha.

Abel Z. said...

Fantastic choices and I love the fact that you love Begins as much as I do. I tell everyone that, in all honesty, feel The Dark Knight is the best of the Batman/Nolan universe, but my favorite will always be Batman Begins.