Friday, July 31, 2009

A Collection Kicks Off...

This is the figure that kicked off my Bat-collection.

I bought him in 1986 while at the local grocery/drug store. I had no idea what this figure would lead to! I just bought him because I thought he looked cool and would be fun to have on my shelf next to my comics. I had no plans to start a collection of any kind, at that point. Apparently, I paid $4.39 for him. That seems like a lot for 1986.

I opened him but saved the card back and comic book. I'm sure I have the comic book around, somewhere. The packaging is a bit worn but the figure has held up nicely. Of course, I bought him when I was around 19 and just let him sit on a shelf and stay minty.

Kenner's Super Powers Batman (to the best of my knowledge) was the first Batman action figure produced by a company other than Mego. In retrospect, it's kind of funny to think that there was basically only one new Batman figure produced during the entire 1980's until 1989 when Tim Burton's first Batman film was released. If you wanted a Batman figure in the mid-80's, this was your guy.

Send a photo of your first Batman to and we'll post it next week.

Brian A


chunky B said...

Another beautiful presentation! You two are knocking this blog out of the park!

You are right back in the day it was this Batman or nothing, now there are various lines and costumes to choose from.

Thinking of my first Batman is killing me, it's a toss up between a homemade Batmobile that I still have from when I was a kid and some of the 1989 Batman figures from when I got back in as an adult.

Brian B said...

Chunky B = I vote for the homemade Batmobile.

I wish I had something Batman left from my childhood.

Brian A = It is awesome that you still have the back card with the price tag still on it.

Bat punching action? Cool!

We better see something of the comic on here soon too.

chunky B said...

You both can see it here:
and let me know, I'll shoot some better pics.

chunky B said...

Hey B and A, can I call you guys that? I just sent you some new pics of my first batman item in my collection, hope you enjoy.

Erin Johnson said...

Hi Brian,

My name is Erin, I'm an Associate Producer for the DIY Network television show, Garage Gold. I noticed the pictures on your blog of the 1984 Vintage Kenner Batmobile. I was wondering if you took these photos yourself?

If so, I would like to license the non-watermarked photos of the Batmobile from you for an upcoming episode of our show. The image would be flashed onto the screen during a narration explaining what the item is. The item would not be represented in a negative light and we would only have permission to use it in this episode.

If you're interested please call 845 920 1300 or email me at Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!