Friday, July 31, 2009

The One That Started It All

Brian B here and this is the first item in my Bat-collection.

It was a key chain that the Applause company released in 1989 before Tim Burton's Batman movie came out.

I carried this around with me for quite a while.

I was glad when I found the key chain.
I was twenty four and newly married yet I wanted a Batman toy.
I thought the key chain was a good compromise, a toy yet practical.

Not many pictures were leaked before the movie came out and I was confused when I saw some Applause figures that had Batman dressed in all black.

"Batman's suit isn't black." I thought. So most of the early things I bought held to my ideal of how Batman should look.

Even today when I have a choice between a black suited Batman or a blue and gray one. Blue and gray still wins out.

Oh, I no longer struggle with buying toys.
That year people gave me plenty of toys and my wife threw me a great Bat-party with a Bat-cake that had other Applause toys on it.

Bat-blog even posted pictures of it HERE.
What was your first Bat-item in your collection?

Mail us a picture and a short story and we will post them here next week.
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chunky B said...

Wow a participation post, my mind is reeling trying to recall my first Batman item in my collection, I love what you did with the presentation.

Brian B said...


I look forward to seeing what Bat-item was your first.

Bubbashelby said...

I agree with CB - awesome presentation!

I had that same Applause keychain but in the black color scheme.

Can't rightly recall what was my first bat item. I know my first "I thought it was a bat item" was the old Tootsie toy Jaguar D that my dad told me was a Batmobile - when I was probably 4 or 5.

In modern times, I recall seeing the 89 movie and immediately ordering the Batplane, Batman, Joker and Bob the Goon from the pamphlet they handed out in the lobby.

Brian A said...

"Oh, I no longer struggle with buying toys."

Funny how age does that to you.

At this point, when a clerk makes a joke about whether or not the Batman toy I'm buying is for me or not, I look them in the eye, and tell them the truth...

it's for orphans.