Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Batman Costume

This is an ad for an official Batman costume that is in a 1992 Starlog Magazine.

I never ordered anything from this ad but I did read it and imagine though.
There were several reasons why I never ordered any of this official Batman gear.

1. What Bat-collector cuts up a piece of their Bat-collection?
There was a form in the magazine that you had to fill out and send in with your order.
Oh? Wait.
They allowed for crazy Bat-collecting.

2. The cost.

The Cowl was really the only piece I wanted and it was $55.95!

Sure the cape came with unique dowel rods for full extension but $79.95?

Bat-spats for $29.95? In 1992 you could buy a really nice pair of real boots for that price.

3. In 1992 I was 27 and had two small kids at home. This is a really good reason not to spend money on a Bat-costume. Diapers and formula were needed at home.

4. When would I wear it?
Halloween? Parties? To watch T.V.?

5. I had a wife at home who would have made fun of me no matter when I would have found a reason to wear the suit.

6. Friends and family would have made fun of me if they found out I ever wore the suit.

7. If my wife ever found out what the suit would have cost she would have killed me.

8. I was afraid I would look as dorky as this guy.

So I am Cowless.

Brian B


Bubba over at Toyriffic had the perfect post to accompany this post. See it HERE.


Me said...

Your judgment was appreciated. We went through a lot of diapers and formula.

chunky B said...

I have to tell you I wanted that cowl as well, to this day, the newer versions just do not cut it, but I am cowless as well. I'm sure we both made the right decision though, Batman would be proud, family first!

Though I will add I would have worn mine to watch T.V., lol

Brian A said...

I remember that ad!

That mask looks terrible. It makes you look more like Frogman than Batman. Only a pathetic loser would buy that mask.

...mine's in a box somewhere.

Brian B said...

Brian A = I am sure yours looks great on you but Chunky B and I want to know if you watch T.V. in it?

Brian A said...

I think a better question would be: When am I NOT wearing it?

You should see my wedding photos...and my driver's license...and the Target security camera photos...

chunky B said...

That video at Toyriffic is great, and the first thing I thought of was this post, That's what Brian A must be doing in the cowl, LOL.