Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Batman Minis

After seeing Brian B's smallest Batman item a few posts ago (Batman Crocs decoration), I knew I had to dig these guys out and share them, as well. These are tiny porcelain Batman statues that were a gift from a friend and fellow Bat-fan (Thanks again, Guenter!) last Christmas.

These little guys are about an inch and a quarter tall. I believe they were originally created to be placed in cake. There's a fun European tradition (French, I believe) that involves baking a small figurine into a cake. When the cake is cut and served, someone gets a small surprise in their piece. It would be fun to find one of these little guys in your cake.

I'm not sure what company produced these, but they sure did produce a wide range of Batman characters and items. They mostly center on the film, Batman Begins.

Batman with penny for size comparison.

Gray-cowled Batman.

Another gray-cowled Batman.

Batman in running pose.

Mini billboard style image.

Rhas Al Ghul.

... and even Ducard.

1 comment:

Brian B said...

I would love to find one of these in my cake!
They would have to hide it in the corner though because I always get the corner piece because it has more icing.