Thursday, March 11, 2010

Corgi 1/24 Scale 1940s Batmobile

This is Corgi's 1940s Batmobile in 1/24 scale, I believe. The car, itself, is about 7 and a half inches long. For those of you keeping score, it was released in 2005.

Corgi is known for producing beautiful scale models of Batmobiles and this one is no exception. Heavy and well-built, this diecast model also comes pre-built and pre-painted.

I'm a huge fan of this iteration of the Batmobile. Since the look of Batman's world tends to be timeless, yet set in a pseudo 1940s timeframe (I'm thinking of things like Burton's first Batman film and Batman: The Animated Series), this car fits in very well with that general vibe.

I really like the black and red color scheme on this car. It really adds to the menacing look that the giant fin and battering ram mask give this vehicle.

I'd love to see a version of this car brought back for a film or animated Batman project. Am I crazy, or do I remember seeing a version of this car in the Brave and Bold series, at some point? Maybe just as a cameo appearance?

Looks like Alfred's been slacking. Look at all that dust. Shame.


chunky B said...

I'll have to check my collection, but I do not think I ever picked this one up. Don't you hate when you can't remember all your stuff.

Did they make this one in Blue as well?

Brian B said...

I used to always be impressed with Alfred.
Now, not so much.

Brian A said...

CB - There is also a smaller 1/43-ish scale version of this car that Corgi produced. I think that one was released in both black and blue (I think) and had a pop-out feature on the front mask when you pressed down on the front of the car. I've only seen this size version in black... but I may have just missed the blue one.

Brian - Yeah, I know. I think Bruce is going to have a chat with Alfred later today. All I can say is that there will probably be a butler looking through the classifieds, if you know what I mean.

Bubbashelby said...

It did appear in B and the B in a flashback sequence. Along with the fifties Jokermobile. So awesome!

I have the smaller one from Corgi, and the super-deluxe version of this one from Danbury Mint:

As far as I recall, only the smaller one came out in both blue and black.

Brian Ashmore said...

Bubba - Ah, cute, your's has little dollies inside!!

Actually, that Danbury version blows the Corgi one out of the water. I love all the details like the opening hood.

Also, the Batmask on the front of the car makes the Corgi one look like a harmless muppet.

Nice model!!

Bubbashelby said...

They aren't dollies - their pants are not removable ;)

Brian Ashmore said...

How do you know this, Bubba?

I think you might need to join a support group.

Heh, heh.

Brian Ashmore said...

Oh, btw, thanks for the heads-up on the BandB batmobile sequence. I thought I saw it in there. I'm going go have to see that again, sometime.

chunky B said...

Okay, Duh, this isn't the small one. Bubba is right then the large one was only released in Black and the Small one was released in both color schemes.

Still now it's bugging me, which one do I have!!! Arrrrgghhhhh, time to go home.

Brian A said...

CB - Boy , do I know that feeling...."Do I have that?" I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of those moments when reading Batman the Animated Toys. Most of my animated stuff is packed away and has been for years. I'm going to be doing some digging, I think.