Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Adventures of Batman and Robin, C3


"Flee from Oceana. It will be destroyed!"


It seems that most Batman collectors choose the Joker as their favorite Bat-villain to collect.
I have Jokers in my collection.
Caesar Romeo terrified me as a kid while watching the Adam West series on television but it was a good kind of terror.
His laugh is what did it. His laugh and the way his hair shook when he moved his head.

I have many villains in my collection.
Catwoman, Two Face and Scarecrow to name a few but my favorite villain to collect is Mr. Freeze.

I think it is the domed helmet and back pack that make his figures stand out to me.
I also like his story line.
The movie Subzero gives us a detailed insight behind his life of crime. Love for his wife and his desperate actions he takes to save her.

I like most every version of the how he is costumed.
Although the movie Batman and Robin tried to ruin everything Batman related, I think he still had a cool suit.

I am sure I will share my Mr. Freeze collection with you soon.

Brian B


Bubbashelby said...

My immediate thought when I saw this frame in action was the song "Timewarp"

"It's just a jump to the left,
and then a step to the right!"

Let's do the Timewarp with Freeze!

Bubbashelby said...
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Brian B said...

Why do you like Mr. Freeze?

Brian Ashmore said...

I'm lovin' these Viewmaster posts.

It's really too bad they used Freeze in Batman and Robin.

Now, I understand why Batman and Robin is your favorite movie, though.

Brian B said...

What is there not to love?

Bane is basically a muppet.

Arnold has crazy witty lines like, "You're not sending ME to the COOLER!", "Mercy? I'm afraid my condition has left me COLD to your pleas of mercy" and "ICE to see you!".

Clooney put his heart and soul in to his character too.

Don't forget Robin used his famous catch phrase too. "Holy rusted metal Batman!"

Bubbashelby said...
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