Saturday, May 22, 2010

DC Direct 13" Classic Batman

This is DC Direct's 13" Deluxe Classic Batman from 2007. DC Direct has produced quite a few characters in this format over the past 5 years or so. Some collectors love them, and some collectors aren't too happy about the line. The main problem most detractors have with this line is the scale of the figures. They are produced at 13" rather than the more traditional 12" sixth-scale size. This means they don't "fit in" too well with figures from other lines that are produced in the smaller 12" format. This point has become less and less valid as DC Direct continues to release more and more figures in this scale. They are their "own club." so to speak, and look great on the shelf together.

Classic Batman was produced as the 15th figure in the line and utilizes Batman's more classic blue and gray color scheme. Batman utilizes the standard hero body that DC Direct has used for most of these figures. This body has very good articulation but falls short in a couple of areas. It uses an odd cut joint at the mid-bicep point instead of hiding the articulation where the shoulder meets the bicep as most sixth-scale bodies do. So, turning the arm at the bicep usually leaves an odd looking "seam" around the bicep. The wrist articulation is limited, as well, as it is just a turning swivel joint rather than one that can also flex forward and back. However, I've been impressed with the general musculature and "super hero" physique that these bodies possess. Wrist articulation aside, this body has quite a bit of posing ability. For instance, there's even a well-hidden joint under the ribcage that allows the figure to hunch forward and arc backward in a very realistic fashion without the waist and ab details looking odd under the costume.

The costume on the figure is excellent. The bodysuit is fitted well enough that the musculature of the figure body underneath shows through to give Batman a very fit, heroic look. The boots and gloves are made of vinyl and look great. The boots even have small working zippers running up the calves. The classic looking capsule-style belt is nicely detailed. The cape is a nice material but I would have preferred it to be a bit longer. All in all, DC Direct did a great job of producing a high-quality costume for this figure.

Batman's head and face sculpt is very nice, as well. He has a somewhat neutral expression that expresses determination without giving him an odd grimace or a look of constipation.

Classic Batman comes with quite a few accessories. Included are a black plastic logo stand to help keep him upright on the shelf (although, you probably won't need it), a pair of "bat cuffs," an extra pare of "bendy" hands that can be posed in various positions, various batarangs (including a larger folding one), and a grapple gun, of sorts, with an enclosed rope. That's a pretty good assortment of extra "toys" that come with this figure.

With all that being said, this is one of my favorite figures in my collection. It captures Batman's blue and gray classic color scheme without looking silly or old fashioned. This is still a Batman you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley despite the bright blue duds. I understand why so many incarnations of Batman, in recent years, have gone all black or even black and gray. However, for my money, THIS is Batman's definitive look and the image that comes to mind when I hear the word "Batman." In a lot of ways, this 13" figure is what a lot of us had in our heads when we played with our old Mego 8" and Super Powers Batmans as kids.


Razmanshah said...

Really nice figure. May I know how much you paid for it?

Brian A said...

When it was new in 2007, it was around $50 or $60 US retail. However, I'm not sure what the aftermarket price of this figure is, currently.

Unfortunately, DC Direct's asking price for newly released figures in this line run $100 suggested retail. The prices on these 13" figures have jumped quite a bit over the past year or two.

Brian B said...

Stunning photography!

Blue/gray is my favorite color of Batman and the one I try to collect.

I don't have this but wish I did!

Bubbashelby said...

Good golly, nice dolly!

Ray Smuckles said...

Agree with Brian B, the photography and lighting in these is fantastic.

These shots make the figure look a great deal better than it does in the stock photo used by most of the retailers I'm seeing. These photos immediately made me want to BUY, but upon seeing the stock picture I'm finding myself hesitating.

Any insight you can offer on this? Is the stock photo just REALLY bad? Or are you some kind of Harry Potter with a camera?

Either way, thanks for sharing. I loved looking at the pics!

Brian B said...

Harry potter with a camera made me laugh out loud!

Sorry I mean I LOLed

Brian A said...

Hi, Ray,

I'm not sure what to tell you. I was a bit surprised how photogenic this figure turned out to be. No trickery, though. Under these lighting conditions, this is what this figure looks like. However, on the shelf, the lighting conditions will, most likely, be different.

I can say, however, that the official DC photos of these figures rarely do them justice... not sure why. I'm always much happier with them once they are out of the box and in an appropriate pose on the shelf. I was a bit blown away by this one when I first got it.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that I don't like is the yellow circle on the bat sign and the stand is unnecessary