Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Power Records: Batman, The Scarecrow's Mirage

This is mine from when I was a kid.
Power Records" Batman: The Scarecrows Mirage".

We didn't have DVD or VHS players but we did have ears and imagination.

This one is a 45 size but played at 33 1/3.
It is labeled a little LP.

This is just a jacket and the record but I do have a couple of the Power Records that came with a comic book attached too. I will post on them in the future.

I know it is hard for the younger people out there to imagine but we only had four channels to watch on television back then.
Those channels shut down around 1 a.m. and didn't come back on until 6 a.m. or so.
We only got cartoons for a half hour at lunch and maybe an hour after school during the week.
Then the big day for kids was Saturday morning.
It was kids programing until noon every weekend.

So if we wanted to see our shows we had only a few options.

• View Master reels
• Records
• Fisher Price Movie Viewers
• Comic Books

Most of the time we opted to just act it out and play.

I did find this record on the web.
You can download to it HERE
You can find just about every Power Record HERE.

Brian B


Brian Ashmore said...

Cool! You make some great points about entertainment options for kids back then. We spent a lot of time reading and listening to records when we weren't outside playing.

... and you really did have to use your imagination when you listened to these story records. I used to listen to a Six Million Dollar Man record like this. When I think back about the stories on the record, the same images that the stories brought to mind back then are still in there as part of the memory... like I saw them on TV or something.

With cartoons on Saturday morning, I used to like to wake up before 6 AM so I would be ready when they started. Sometimes my Dad would drag the TV into my room so I could watch them in bed. They knew I'd be back asleep very soon. :)

Brian B said...

Your Dad would put the T.V. in your room? Wow! I was married for quite awhile before I got that.

So there is something else shocking for you kids, most houses only had one television!