Monday, February 25, 2013

1974 Chemtoy Batman

This is one of those vintage Batman toys that, on it's face, is pretty lame but still holds a special place in my old toy collecting heart.  This is Chemtoy's Batman figure from 1974.  I don't call him an action figure because he has zero articulation.  He's just a cheapo, single-pose figure that probably cost less than a dollar.

I had one of these when I was a kid in the 70s.  I had him about the same time that I got my first Mego Batman.  So, it's safe to say that this guy didn't get much play time.  I'm guessing he was an impulse kind of buy while I was out shopping with my parents.  You know, that kind of thing where you beg for something, anything, just so you didn't have to go home empty-handed? I'm still dealing with these impulses, today… maybe some therapy is in order.  Ahem… anyway, over the years, I've kind of developed a kind of love for this little ugly figure.  It's kind of become one those nice, warm little toy memories from very early childhood.  

Check out the sharp detailed paintwork on the calves.  Impeccable.

 So, I picked one up recently to reintroduce him to my Batman collection.  In the pictures, I know the figure's a little beat up.  However, take note of the exquisite craftsmanship that has gone into the paint details.  It really doesn't get much better than this.  I've included a shot with other Batman figures for scale and to help avoid anyone confusing this with a Hot Toys Batman figure.  

Sometimes, nostalgia can be much stronger than common sense.  I think that's something that all collectors can relate to, to some degree.

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Brian B said...

I know exactly what you mean with this toy.

I had a Smokey the Bear figure that this reminds me of although I think his arms moved.

Back then it was just neat to have a figure of a cartoon character. These were kinda pre-action figures weren't they?

I can see that Hot Toys got their inspiration for their figures for toys like these.