Thursday, February 7, 2013

1966 Batcopter by Hotwheels

If your a batman collector a big part of your collection are the Bat vehicles.

This last year, 2012, Hotwheels released several of them.

Today I want to show you the Batcopter.

Mine is on one of the shelves in my Batroom.

 Here it is in it's natural environment.

This is a really nice replica I only wish I would have had it when I was a kid!

The first time I ever saw the Batcopter was in the Batman movie they made in 1966.
I didn't see the movie until it was on television in the 1970's though.

Before the movie the only vehicle I had seen Batman in was the Batmobile and I was totally fine with that.
The 1966 Batman movie gave us more vehicles to drool over though.
I did not know what I was missing? 
Yes! Of course Batman needs more tools to catch criminals.  

I love the paint on the front that lines up perfectly with the wings on its sides.
I am sure this struck the criminals with fear when they saw it in the air.

You can never have enough bat symbols!
I mean really I do love everyone of them!

No matter how many new bat vehicles they make I know I will like them but the color scheme from the 60's will never be beat.

Black with red is Batmans colors in my mind.

More please.

Brian B


chunky B said...

I love how you have these displayed!

Brian A said...

I also love your display. Now I know what to do with my old VHS tapes. Great idea!

Eric Stettmeier said...

Did I miss a meeting? I feel like the main character in a zombie movie - watching in shock and awe as all these long 'dead' blogs rise up and begin feeding right before my eyes!

I mean...'welcome back!' ;)

Brian Ashmore said...

Thanks, Eric!! It was kind of a coincidence that we stopped blogging around the same time. However, we kind of nudged each other to get blogging again. We all missed it.

Brains!!!!.... er, I mean, it's good to be back.

Brian B said...
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Brian B said...

Did Eric just coin the term Zombie-blog.
Where a dead blog comes back to life!

Eric Stettmeier said...

I'll gladly take credit for it, or the truncated 'Zomblog' for short ;)