Friday, July 23, 2010

Batroom 2

I haven't got a whole lot more done on my Batroom this week because it has been WAY to hot here.

I did get my giant Batman night light hung up.

I also got some more of my Bat-things in my other case.

I would like to say that I am impressed with these cases.
I have figures standing in these cases and after a week and a half none of them have fallen over due to foot traffic.
This is the first room that you enter when you come into the house. (Why wouldn't it be?)
So it sees a ton of foot traffic and figures that I had had trouble keeping upright on a shelf are standing firm in the Detolf cases.

Elaine also had the brilliant idea of mounting the Batman Brave and the Bold race track on the wall!

This looks awesome!.
This is something you want to keep out but takes up room and the longer it is up the bigger the chances are that something will break.
Not if it is on the wall. There it becomes part of the whole display if not modern art.

I had worried about attaching the cars to the track but that ended up being no big deal at all.

The cars internal magnets hold them in place perfectly.

No, I haven't tried to run them while attached to the wall....... yet.

More updates to come.
(No, I am not taking any modeling jobs at the moment.)

Brian B


Brian A said...

That's awesome! Looking great!

I didn't know you had one of those vintage light-up Batman wall hangings!! Where did you get that?

The racetrack is a great idea, too. You should put a sign at the entrance that says, "Welcome to the Batroom... that defies gravity!"

Too bad you quit modeling... you could travel the country showing off other collectors' rooms. You could call it "This old Batroom."

chunky B said...

I think you need a giant plush Batman for that couch under the track.

I like the track idea as well, that room is looking good!

Brian B said...

There is a nice Batman pillow from Toy Factory on the couch!