Monday, July 26, 2010

Batman Silly Bandz

If you have a kid in school or have met any kid recently you know what Silly Bandz are.
If you have no idea what a silly band is I will give my in depth explanation of them.

Rubber bands in different shapes.

Oh I left out one important fact. You wear them on your wrist.

There are all kinds of them.
There are Fairytale, sports, Scooby Doo, instruments and Batman Silly Bandz just to name a few.

Kids wear them on the wrists and it is fun to ask what they have.
The kid then pulls one off their wrist and then tries to explain to you what the weird shaped piece of rubber is supposed to look like.

This set contains more than Batman but he is why I bought them.

You get Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman.

Nice DC colors.

I could not believe that they didn't include the Bat-symbol as a band.

They come in four colors. Blue, red, yellow and green. (One of my kids already nabbed the red one of mine. MEGAN!)
You get four of each character in every color.

Be cool and add these to your collection.

Brian B


Bubbashelby said...

My daughter was just asking where to get this sort of thing. (A friend gave her one.) I had seen them on kids but had no idea what they were. Now I know, and I will be looking for these ones especially!

Brian A said...

I've never even heard of these... superhero or otherwise. It might be because I have a house full of boys... they might use these to snap and torture each other but wouldn't wear them.

I can tell who each of them are except for Aquaman. Is that him on the right in yellow?

I agree... no batsymbol? The Batman is cool but a Batsymbol should be a no-brainer.

Where would one find these? Target?

Brian B said...

Yeah it is Aquaman doing the jazz hands.

You can buy Silly Bandz just about everywhere. These are replacing the "live strong" type bands kids were wearing.

I found these at a comic book store along side of some Marvel ones.

Anonymous said...

I did not take your red Batman! I think you GAVE it to one of the boys... you didn't even offer me one. :( You owe me a pack of Disney Princess ones now. :)


A City Girl said...

Oh Wow. I can't wait to tell Gracie. She just started her love of silly bands just last week! Maybe she will share with her favorite "Uncle Crazy Papaw".


HI¡ My personal collection, can survive without these things. XD