Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mattel Superfriends Batman

Look at this guy! Doesn't he just make you want to smile? Just a few years ago, Mattel produced a somewhat short-lived line of of Rescue Hero-esgue figures and vehicles under the "Superfriends" label (Batman has a copyright date of 2007). Batman, naturally, is my favorite from the line. Several other characters like Superman, Aquaman, and even Hawkman were produced.

Even though this version of Batman is meant to be kid-friendly and stylized, he's one of my favorite Batman figures that has EVER been released. He stands proudly on my shelf and exudes classic "Bat-goodness" day after day.

I guess he's kind of a reminder of how fun Batman was to me as a kid and how fun he still can be today. Sure, I like Batman to be menacing and scary as much as the next guy, but you can't deny that there's something very cool and fun about Batman being depicted as he is with this toy.

Mattel also produced a very cool Batmobile to go with this figure, as well as a MattyCollector exclusive Robin. I'll probably do a post on each of them in the future.

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Brian B said...

I love these guys too!

I don't have the blue and gray Batman but I do have the black and gray one.
He comes with a cool assessory too!