Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Superhero Museum Collection Auction: Part 2

Sorry for the poor quality of the video but I was zoomed in from the back of the room.
Bloggers should get press passes.

Here are some of the prices.

It was light blue and brown so it would photograph better in black and white.

This was gray and brown for shooting in black and white as well.

George Reeves color suit.

Marlon Brando's "Jorel" tunic from 1978.

Christopher Reeve form Superman 3.

Christopher Reeve's Superman wig complete with the curl in the forehead.

Christopher Reeve cape worn in Superman 3. Called the dirty/evil cape.

Dean Cain's suit complete with boots.

Teri Hatcher's Superman nightgown.

From Superboy.

Supergirl suit complete with purse.
Just kidding.

Suit was even signed by Burt Ward.

These had seen better days. I will give more details about that later.

Brian B


Brian A said...

Love this... very cool to see what everything went for. We talked about this but I would have thought everything would have gone for more.

Looks like Penguin got ahold of the Batmobile.

John Field said...

Every one of those costumes was fake. Not bad for reproductions, but fake none the less.