Monday, January 24, 2011

Superhero Museum Collection Auction

That's me touching the Robin costume at the Superhero Museum Collection Auction.
The green you see in the top right hand corner of the picture is Robin's gloves.

You can click on the picture for a closer view.
This is the cover of the auction catalog.
The catalog had 112 items listed.
Everything from Superman costumes to the Batmobile.

There were more than just the catalog items there. There were also thousands of other Superman and Batman related items that were to be auctioned off that day.

Here is the Robin suit. Item No. 78.

On the auction block.

I had hoped that it would start out low enough that I would feel comfortable to bid on it.
It didn't.
The first offer made was for $800.00.

That was out of my range.

It ended up selling for $2,200.00.

I moved on.

I did bid on a 35mm Batman begins movie reel, an old plastic Batman figure, a metal toy Batmobile and a Batboat, and a prop diploma used in the movie, Batman Begins.

I didn't win any of those bids either.

So I set my sights on a metal, 1966, Batman lunch box with a thermos.

I bid it up to $70.00.

It sold for $110.00.

Most of the items were Superman related but I did buy something from the collection before I had to leave.

I will post about it and other items sold at the auction later this week.

Brian B


chunky B said...

Cool, that must have been fun! Sorry you didn't get the Robin Costume, well I guess glad you didn't get the Robin costume, might have been a scary sight.

Stephen said...

Wow, that auction sounds cool. What kind of Superman stuff did they have? And don't feel too bad about the Robin suit, did you really want something that used to hold Burt Ward's junk in it?

Brian A said...

Awesome!!! Can't wait to see more. I really envy you getting to see all that cool stuff, firsthand.

Anonymous said...

Be glad you didn't win the 35mm Batman begins movie reel - it was just the trailer to the movie.