Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Superhero Museum Collection Auction: Part 3

There in the distance is the 1989 Batmoblie and the 1966 Batboat.

I took these shots as I was leaving the auction.
The Batmobile sold for $12,000.00 to an online bidder.

I wonder if they would have given that much for it if they would have seen it in person?

Brian A is right. It looks like the Penguin and his goons got a hold of it.

This is how the front end looked when I saw it in the museum a few years ago.

You can see posts about my visit HERE

This is what it looked like on the auctions site.

They did have this one posted too which is a little more honest.

I wonder what happened to it?

Someone stripped off every detail.
Look at the detail by the big intake looking thing towards the back.

All gone now.

Looks like someone pried the launch doors open and bent them all up.

Windows are all gone and I couldn't even tell if there were any seats in it.

When it was in the museum the owner told me the cowling slid open like it did in the movie.
Now it has a cheesy hinge on top.

The back end of the Batmobile while in the museum.

What value is there in reflectors?
Why would you strip them off?

The only thing I could think of was to have it repainted.
That would explain all the details being removed and the sandblasted looking body.

The burner still looks cool and was supposed to work at one time.

I wonder what the guy that bought it thought when he got it?

Brian B

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Brian A said...

Wow... that's worse than I was thinking. There are quite a few missing pieces. Maybe they were getting it ready for a repaint... but, man, does it look beat up, too. Like the bent up gun flaps and the missing windshield. The nose cone looks especially bad.

What a shame. It was such a nice copy of the 89 Batmobile. Hopefully, whoever got their hands on it will be able to do a good restoration job.