Thursday, February 24, 2011

Danbury Mint Batmobile Advertisement

No I don't own this very fine Batmobile.
I do own the advertisement for it though.

Years ago a friend of mine, Randy, got this in the mail and passed it on to me.
Thanks Randy E!

Check out how the shadow makes the Bat symbol.

It is from the Danbury mint and it featured this amazingly detailed Batmobile.

It think this is from the 90's.

Close ups of some crazy details.

Look! Batman has two cakes in the trunk compartment.

Sorry those are spare crime fighting uniforms not cakes. My bad.

I like the Bat symbol on the engine heads. Nice touch.

I found this the other day and wondered how many of these were bought for $149.00?

I looked it up and first thought you could still buy it but you can't. It is sold out.
HERE is where you could have bought it.

Has anyone ever seen one of these in person?

Brian B


Bubbashelby said...

They were originally soliciting the '66 Barris Batmobile - I or my Dad still have that ad somewhere - then plans fell through and they made that comic version. I did not get it but I got the 40's Batmobile they released a little later:

Justin said...

GREAT work on this BatMan collecting blog. Incredible board game and Batmobile die cast toys.My fave is the red Riddler,Hat and smoke-less Penguin and REALLY cool version of The Joker. Yknow,I had a really sweet Batman board game in the mid seventies as well although it was VERY different from the one you featured. Best, Macronaut