Thursday, February 3, 2011

Superhero Museum Collection Auction: Part 6

This is one of the Batman tables.
There was some nice stuff on it but I was really hoping to find some vintage goodness at the auction. Especially a 1966 Fireking Robin mug to complete my set.

There were some boxes of stuff that contained some hidden gold goodness but I would have to leave long before they got to these items.

My son was home sick and my wife had some place she had to be. I had been there three hours already waiting for them to get to the stuff I could afford. I know by the time they got to the Batman stuff it would have gone really cheap or bundled and gotten a ton of stuff.
I think this is why my wife had some place she had to be.

I didn't make it to the Batman tables.

Is this a Mego Mister Mxyzptlk? I would have bid on this guy had I been there.

I probably would have bid on this hairbrush too.
I wouldn't have used it though.

The lunch box yet again. They grabbed it off the back table and auctioned it right after the costumes. If it would have stayed in the back I might have begged to stay until they got to it.

This would have been nice too.

They started in this corner and made their way around the room. The Batman stuff was on the opposite corner. Ugh!

So I bid on the only Batman item that was in this section and got it.

It was in the cabinet to the left. In the top left corner.

Finally the last big dollar item was auctioned off.
A tiny Superman charm that went for $600.

You can see all the costumes hanging to the left.
See Robins cape peeking out towards the back?

Brian B

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Brian A said...

I am loving these posts!!! That hairbrush is hilarious!!

Yep! That's a Mego Mxyzptlk. That Captain Action set behind him looks great, too.