Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Superhero Museum Collection Auction: Part 5

A random collection of some of the catalog items.
Autographed pictures, resin statues and a prop ring of red kryptonite from Smallville.

Here are some model kits and Superman figures.

Some Batman items.

These items caught my eye.

Some Superman figures.

The crowd was gathering before the auction.

There were two tables full of Batman items.

The lunch box I wanted. :(

Brian B


Jerbeh said...

Wow so many cool things! Those "Give a Shot" projector slides are pretty neat, and that batman board game looks pretty tight.

I'm glad I'm not there. I like having money.

Andy said...

how much would original projector slides be from the first batman?

Brian B said...

I think they went for around $30 at this auction. It did have some other items along with it for that price too.