Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Batman Basketball

What says Batman more than a Batman basketball?
It is a perfect item for me since I live in the heart of basketball country, Indiana.

I had posted earlier about another unusual item, The Batman Hoosier Cabinet , so this fits me perfectly.

I got this sometime while The Batman series was running on television which was from 2004 -2008.
This Batman was a bit shocking to me at first because they had departed from the square chin Batman to a more pointy chin character.

I ended up liking the show really well and also liking the way they whole show was styled.

The series also made the news for its interactive toys.

When Batman would use Wayne Tech devices in the show the toys at home would interact with the television program. (Pretty cool and scary at the same time. I hope The Joker never gets a hold of this technology!)

I am pretty sure that if you were playing basketball while the show was on you would never miss a basket.

I have no idea what a FOTOBALL is.
Google has no idea either.

To my credit I never used the Wayne Technology to win a game I depended totally on my Hoosiers skills.

This ball was bought just to look at.

Batman, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter looking at the Bat-Basketball.

This Bat-item is not in my Bat-room but is instead in our game room. (Xbox mostly)

Brian B


Brian A said...

Sweet ball!! I've never seen that before. Obviously, this has one of Joker's hidden cameras inside... thus, the "Fotoball." Nice try, Joker... not this time.

chunky B said...

Back in the day "Fotoball" used to mean they could print photos on a basketball. I think it's actually the vendor or factory name as well. I noticed that the ball skin is smooth, meaning it is probably more plastic coated and thus easier to print the graphics. Most basketballs uses a decal and a flash white layer to make the graphic show up among all the little texture / nubs on the ball...


I used to have to set these things up for production, fun days. This one would have been a dream to work on, it looks so clean. Plus, I like the way the smooth surface makes the graphics that much better. I still have two of the three pictured above, the gradient on the red and blue Batman Ball was supposed to be an industry first.

Great post and am I to take it that your game room has a giant Justice League Mural? Awesome!

Brian B said...

Chunky = This ball is super-glossy.
So you would lay down a white base much like you would on a t-shirt right?

Yes there is a half way completed Justice League mural in the game room.
Maybe I will finish it this winter. Or the next. Or the next.

It has to ramp up the resale value doesn't it?

chunky B said...

Yep you got it, white base then the graphic.

I think it would up the resale value, of course you are asking someone that has a Giant Millennium Falcon hanging from his ceiling.

I'm working on a winter Batman Project that may take me a few winters and a summer to complete. Right now just rounding up supplies here and there when I can.

Brian A said...

What are you doing, CB? Digging out a cave under your basement?!

Oh.. and geek cred always ups the value of property. That's why I'm installing a working batsignal on top of the shed.

chunky B said...
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chunky B said...

Basement? Silly, the Alamo doesn't have a basement.

The Batfan said...

These came in a Box when in the stores I have one somewhere packed up they also did like a mini version of it as well. a bit old but was looking thru blog pretty cool. I saw you needed a Fireking Robin mug did u ever get one if not I have an extra I am happy to give you.

Brian B said...

No I haven'tfound a Robin mug yet.
Well....I find them on Ebay and they go for more than I am willing to pay.


I don't know if I still have the box for this or not. I have boxes full of boxes. My wife hates it.

The Batfan said...

Brian give me an email thebatan@thebatfan.com and I will mail you one of the mugs :)

The Batfan said...

ughh typo thats thebatfan@thebatfan.com

http://www.mycostume.co.uk said...

These sort of collectibles like this BATMAN BASKETBALL are basically our own remembrances and through such items we keep track of the good times we have had and relate to them through maybe a batman ball.


http://www.piratewalk.com said...

Being a Batman fan I love the idea of this great blog. I have a vast collection of Batman memorables right from my pre-school days. Seeing these Basketballs here makes me Wish that I had kept at least one of my Batman Balls.


chunky B said...

Is this blog still going? It never has updates.