Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Batman 3D!

This post combines two things that I love, Batman and 3D.
This is a Starlog magazine that I have from 1992 which features a ton of things on Batman Returns. I will post some of those things later but for now I want to focus on the 3D pictures that were included.

Starlog included four pages of a comic book entitled "Batman 3-D".
Sadly I have not found a copy of this book yet to place into my collection.

The article says the book includes artists like Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Barry Windsor Smith (Conan the Barbarian) and George Perez (Teen Titans).

The 3D is done by Ray Zone and he is the master of 3D anaglyphs.

A year earlier Mr. Zone did a 3D comic book for The Rocketeer, which I own, and it is awesome 3D. Not only does it have 3D pictures but dimensional sound too called binaural.
That is the Rocketeer this is BATMAN!

So dig out your "Sherk 3D" or "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D" DVDs and pull out the red-blue glasses that came with them so you can view these amazing samples.

Caution! The newer 3D movies like Coraline and Monsters vs Aliens use a different color lens glasses for their 3D process.

Brian B


Bubbashelby said...

I have that Batman 3-D tucked away somewhere. Haven't thought about it in ages.

Brian B said...

That's it. Rub it in.

Brian A said...

I used to have cases of this book. I used to use them to light cigars and prop up wobbly tables. My kids used to color in them like coloring books and make paper airplanes out of the pages. Sadly, I only have about 20 copies left.

Brian B said...

I can feel the love.

Anurag.D said...

Hey, Do you by any chance remember this really old comic which had a couple of pages in the middle in 3d? The story revolved around a young girl and the 3d part happens when she enters into a mirror house or something and there is a cherokee guy who is helping her i think? I think it was called the twilight zone or something but there's nothing like that online. Also, there was this one poem in it called tabula rasa.
It would be great if you could help me out with this.
Thanks a ton.