Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Batman Hoosier Cabinet

My wife loves to redecorate.
I come home to a new house at least once a month. Well she doesn't redecorate the whole house every month but at least one room a month.

Yesterday it was my offices, a.k.a. The Batroom, turn.
I now have a Batman Hoosier Cabinet added to my shelves to display some of my collection.

A Hoosier cabinet is a must antique to have here in Indiana.
These were like a little kitchen when they were originally made.
It has a place that holds flour, rolling pins, a potato drawer and a pull out counter top to do your kitchen work.

I don't have anything in the flour bin yet. (You can see the flour dispenser on the left)
I do have a Batman brass knuckle bladed thingy that my son bought me hanging on the rolling pin holder.
It reminds me of a weapon that Batman used in the fan made film Dead End.

Not only is Hoosier Cabinet holding a portion of my Batman collection but my wife also is using it to display some of my View Master stuff and slides that I use at WMDS.

The top of my book shelf holds some Batman items as well.

Brian B

Just a few quick shots as I headed out the door to work this morning.


Me said...

Looks pretty good if I say so myself!

Brian A said...

Great display! I like how you can close it up when you want to.

I think you should modify the flour dispenser to dispense yummy, crunchy Batman tortilla chips.

chunky B said...

Very nice display. I see you have a BTAS plush from Play By Play Toys and Novelties. I helped on those when I worked there, I need to send you guys some stuff from where I work now, LOL.

Brian B said...

Chunky B - I wondered if you had anything to do with that Batman.

I do like your new stuff.
I looked for some at our local fair but I didn't see any this year but my daughter went to Kings Island and took a picture of a Batman there that I recognized as yours.

chunky B said...

Brian B and Brian A, we just had a little purge of our sample room and a couple of Batman "Super Friends" were in the mix, you guys want them?

Brian A said...

Wow! Are you kidding?! Absolutely!

I can't speak for Brian B but I'm guessing he'll be just as excited.

Thank you!! What a generous offer.

Did you work on these?

chunky B said...

Hey No problem. The only work I did on these was set up artwork for screen printing on the item and production art on the "canned" hangtag.

I have a large one (about 22", no hangtag) and a small one (about 15" with hangtag and sample tag), plus I have a couple of generic teddy bears, one wearing a Batman T-shirt the other with Robin's, I might be able to come up with some more stuff, I have to go dig through the sample boxes in the warehouse...

Let me know if you want me to send them to one address and you guys divide it up or if you want me to divide it up and send it to each. I should have a contact link in one of the Spockcation posts for an email address.

Brian B said...

Yeah! No brainer.
I have seen your catalog and you have some cool stuff.


Where do you bought to your wife? I need one like these.