Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Batman Jibbitz

Batman: The Jibbitz!

I didn't even know the thing was called a Jibbitz until today.
A Jibbitz is a doodad that sticks in the holes of your Crocs kinda like a charm on a bracelet.
Crocs are the foamy bright color shoes that everyone wore last year.

I never owned a pair of Crocs but I did spent $3 on this guy anyway.

He might look big here but he is tiny.
As a matter of fact this guy is one of the smallest Bat items that I have in my collection.

As small as he is he still has amazing detail. How could I have passed him up?

He has a little button type thing on his back that would snap into my Crocs, if I owned any.

He maybe small but he is full of cool and Carl and Russel seem impressed by him.

Brian B


Bubbashelby said...

There's gotta be a way to attach that guy to a pair of Chuck Taylors, if one were so inclined ;)

Brian B said...

Hmmm? I think you could do it with a pair of Chucks but sadly I wear Vans and there are no holes in them.

I guess a Batman T-shirt everyday will have to suffice for now.

chunky B said...

I do not wear crocs either, chuck taylor man myself, but that is a cool little jibbitz.

Adriano Siqueira said...

see my pictures my colection