Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Johnny Lightning 1950's Diecast Batmobile Model

Looks-wise, this is probably my favorite Batmobile in my collection. I love the lines, shape, and the great retro look of this particular version of the Batmobile. This is Johnny Lightning's 1950's Batmobile Diecast model. When built, this model looks and feels like a high-quality pre-built diecast metal car. I think this is in 1/18 scale. The car itself, is about 10 inches long. I believe this came out around 2004 or 2005 (Brian B, what does your boxed 60s car say for a year?).

The body of the car is made of metal and comes with a very nice pre-painted paint job. The rest of the car is up to you to build and then join with the pre-painted body.

The interior of the car is very detailed and requires the model builder to paint the various internal components (floor, seats, dials, etc.). One cool thing about this model is the inclusion of Batman's Crime Lab just behind the front seats.

The Crime Lab features various scientific instruments like a microscope and beakers. They all sit on a small wooden desk. There's even a stool for Batman to sit on and drawer units directly behind the front seats. This requires a lot of time to paint but the final product is worth the effort.

Looks like Batman is doing a little light reading while waiting for results from the built-in crime lab!

Love this car!!!


Bubbashelby said...

One of my faves as well!

Brian B said...

I don't even remember seeing this car on the shelves.

Cool car and very cool pictures.

It seems that Batman likes one of my favorite artists as well. ;0)

The detail is amazing.
You are not only an artist but an exceptional model builder as well.

I will check the date my unopened kit later.
And thanks again for the great closeups of the amazing car.

Brian A said...

You know, the more I think about it. This model is probably closer to being from around 2000.

Thanks Brian, I'm curious to see when these were released. This one was released at the same time as the 60s one.

Brian B said...

My 1966 version says 2002 1:24 scale.

Kevin Kidney said...

Wow. Truly, truly wonderful car.

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