Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I just read recently that it was announced that Mattel would release some new Batman: The Brave and the Bold figures for the fall.

When I looked at the pictures that were with the post I saw a picture of the Scarecrow, bundled with Batman, that I had found in the spring!

I only saw one of these on the shelf and I haven't seen one since.

Now I don't normally buy something as soon as I see it but there was only one of these on the rack and the Scarcrow looked so cool. So I knew he wouldn't be there if I came back to Walmart the next day.

I don't really collect Batman's enemies but you just don't see Scarecrow figures very often and when you do they are really neat looking.

This one very well modeled and everyone I have shown it to smiles and says "That's cool".

I don't think they are humoring me either. (This time)

So I don't know if this got shipped out early by mistake or if there just aren't that many of them to be found.

But I have one!

I was surprised that both of his arms moved.

There just isn't that much movement with the mini figures.

Brian B


chunky B said...

Brian I have seen him a few times at various stores, so I think the announcement that he was a Fall toy may be incorrect on the part of all those toy news sites. The earliest I recall seeing him was around February or March of this year.

I have passed on him to date, but have thought about picking him up.

Brian A said...

Nice work on the photos and little effects!

I haven't seen these very much, either. I saw one while out-of-town on a soccer trip and once at Target a week or two ago.