Sunday, August 8, 2010

1996 Dark Knight Returns statue

This is DC Direct's Dark Knight Returns Statue. This was released in 1996 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Frank Miller's "game changing" series of graphic novels about the latter years of our favorite Dark Knight Detective. This was one of DC Direct's first statues... in fact, I'm not even sure if DC Direct, as an entity, existed as it exists today. That is, I'm not even sure if they were using the name "DC Direct," at that point.

The Dark Knight Returns series of books were the catalyst for my own "Batmania." I had loved Batman as a kid but found a new love for the character when Miller's Dark Knight Returns series hit comic shop shelves in 1986. I've been a fairly die-hard Bat-fan, ever since. As a nineteen year-old, it was fun to read a story about Batman as an older man and all that he goes through to come out of retirement. Now, as I'm rapidly approaching the age Bruce is in DKR, I find a sort of comfort in knowing that Batman has already been down the road I'm going down (agewise), so to speak. Sure, I know it's kind of silly since he's a fictional character and all, but I appreciate the idea all the same. In fact, I really have to tip my hat to DC Comics for allowing stories that feature aged versions of their characters. In kind, I appreciate the Batman Beyond animated storyline for the same reasons. There's something odd about passing your heroes in age as you grow older. In my lifetime, I've gone from a child looking up to Batman (again, I realize he's fictional... just humor me)... to being a man 10 to 15 years older than the age that Batman is depicted as being in comics and movies (C'mon, Christian Bale is just a KID!). So, I appreciate that there are still stories out there where Batman is still older than I am... and that's also part of the reason I appreciate this statue so much.

The statue depicts Batman guiding a young Carrie Kelly as Robin. The moment depicted never actually appeared in the comic but is a nice realization of the mentoring relationship Batman had in the series with this new, female Robin. This statue was masterfully sculpted by William Paquet. There is a certain "roughness" left in the sculpting of the statue that lends itself very well to a bit of synergy with the rough look Frank Miller used for the illustrations in the series.

I've had this statue near my work desk for quite a few years now. My wife bought it for me as an anniversary present about 7 or 8 years ago. She's the best. The statue itself, stands about 8" tall and was produced as a 5500 piece limited edition.


chunky B said...

You know I'm a sucker for a Carrie Kelly Robin. That is a marvelous statue, one I think about picking up from time to time. I can also say that the older, wiser Batman stories are appealing to me as well.

Time to re-read The Dark Knight Returns and what the heck might as well re-read DK2 while I'm at it.

Great post soldier, that'll do.

Brian A said...

Thanks, CB. You know, we could have changed the world...Now...look at us...

guenter said...

A female ROBIN.
I like it !!!!
Great statue.