Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The Penguin Batmobile!
I had no idea that Hot Wheels were gonna make this Batmobile.
So when I saw this at the store I was totally surprised.

I have seen all of the 66 series as an adult but I remember a few episodes from my youth and this was one of them.

Always be careful when opening a Bat-item.

Here is a screen grab from those of you who don't remember this episode.
If you look for it it is the episode that aired March 23-24th 1966 and it is called "The Penguin Goes Straight".

I remember how nervous this episode made me as a kid. "Don't trust him Batman" I was thinking.
Oh and the blasphemy of the Penguin using the Batmobile as his own! Shocking stuff to a kid.

In my search for the episode I found this cool website titled "Batmobile Gadgets".
The website shows the special tools that only the Batmobile has and it even has some video clips of them in action. Batmobile Gadgets

Nice interior details.

It is the regular Batmobile with the extras the Penguin threw on to make the car his own.

He changed the symbol on the side to a penguin and added a umbrella on the drivers side and on the front hood.

I think the umbrella on the hood is a gun. ("The one I bought is NON-Firing)

I love the details on these cars and I am thrilled that Hot Wheels has put these out for us.

Nice quality and a reasonable price for the great toy you get.

Brian B


Dan said...

My Friend at work bought one, so I can turn around and look at it. Its a cool toy!

Bubbashelby said...

I've been waiting to see this one in the wild since it was announced months ago. I love it!

Brian B said...

It is a pretty nice car. Quirky. I like that.

chunky B said...

Wow, sweet. I remember that episode as well, I couldn't believe the audacity of the Penguin, of course hasn't he been taken to the bat cave with dehydrated thugs, I mean come on isn't Batman asking for his ride to be lifted?

Great find!