Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fisher-Price HeroWorld DC Super Friends Toy Line!

While I was stalking the toy aisles at Toys R Us yesterday, I came across a new line of Batman toys that I had NO IDEA were going to be released. In this internet age, we tend to know about everything that's coming down the pike months before things actually start showing up on shelves. So, it was quite a shock to find these guys next to the Batman Imaginext stuff!

They had Superman, Batman, Joker, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze. It looks like Fisher-Price is rebooting the Rescue Heroes line at a smaller size and these HeroWorld figures are meant to fit right in. There were also new Rescue Hero toys right next to these at the same scale. They even share the same packaging design. (Edit: As it turns out, "HeroWorld" is the name for the entire line. Both "DC Super Friends" and "Rescue Heroes" are sub-lines of the HeroWorld line. Like the Imaginext line, I think it's a pretty brilliant idea that Fisher-Price is including Super Heroes in a line that also includes "civilian" playsets and vehicles... what a HUGE world for kids to play in.)

Sorry about the poor-quality photos. I shot these photos in a hurry since I don't have time to set up lights and what-not. I haven't seen word of these anywhere on the net. So, the photos may be down-and-dirty but I wanted to get these up for fellow Bat-fans to see.

Size comparison with Mattel's older, large Super Friends Batman. These new figures are, roughly, double the size of the smaller Imaginext figures.


chunky B said...

UTGP is First to break this news! Awesome, I've said it before, but I will say it again... Holy Under the Radar Batman!

Brian B said...

I had no idea about these but love it.
My kids loved the Rescue Hero's.

Has anybody seen the cube Batman toys?
They are kinda like a Lego and have Batman figures that connect together some how. Someone at work showed me picture on their phone.

Great scoop post!

Brian A said...

I think the cube figures you are talking about are the "TRIO" building line. They are building playsets and vehicles with little figures included.

Toys R Us had a display of those up yesterday, as well. I was surprised to see them for sale already.

Bubbashelby said...

Props for breaking the news - even I had no idea these existed! I need to check these out in person.

Joker's Funny Car looks pretty cool!