Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Collecton Figure

Look what I stumbled across at Walmart!
A Batman Legacy Edition of the Golden age Batman.

There was only one and I grabbed it up.

I knew nothing about this figure it was pure happen stance that it landed in my possession.
There was only one at the store and there were no other figures like it on the shelf.

I did notice that the manufactures had left holes for fresh air to enter the package.
The containers creator must have been heavily influenced be the Toy Story movies.

Well I thought if this figure needs fresh air. Fresh air it will get.
So I took Batman outside and into the alleyways of downtown Indianapolis.

Batman quickly noticed that some punks had graffitied the walls.

He immediately started to patrol the area.

Okay, so I thought some shots in the dark alleys would be cool looking.
You know. Batman in his element and all.
Turns out the alleys have a lot more foot traffic than you think at lunch hour.

So I rushed every shot I took while trying not to look suspicious waiting for people to clear out.

The pictures turned out okay but I sure felt stupid trying to snap them.
I need to come up with a blogger type press pass lanyard to wear next time I venture out into the alleys.

Nice figure. Lots of articulation.
Stupid looking photographer.

Brian B


chunky B said...

Cool, I have never seen that one around these parts. I will need to keep an eye out. I like the cowl with the short ears.

Great photos too, I can imagine people thinking "look at that grown man playing with his toys in the alley, common Timmy, look away" : )

Brian B said...

Thanks for confirming my fears.

Brian Ashmore said...

Great photos!!! Very nice. This is a great looking figure, too. Love the Golden Age look of it. THIS is Batman!

Reis O'Brien said...

Nice one, Brian B! I may have to add this fellow to the Bat-collection. I notice that these days I tend to appreciate the classic blue and gray Batman more. This one is a beauty.

Brian B said...

Thanks Reis. The blue and gray Batman is the one I automatically think of when I think of Batman.
So he is the one I end up collecting the most.

Bubbashelby said...

I got this version from my pal and yours Colin (of Super-Duper toy Box fame) but mine is the K-Mart exclusive version with Bat--Mite! I still need to get pics up of that one.

Awesome 'in the wild' pics, too! It takes some intestinal fortitude to take pics of toys in public. But hey, at least you weren't taking pics of a dolly.