Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kenner Super Powers Batmobile

This is Kenner's first in a very long line of toy Batmobiles. In 1984, Kenner had begun to produce DC characters in their, now famous, Super Powers line of toys. Vehicles soon followed to complement the figures and add play value. For many subsequent years, Kenner would go on to produce many Batmobiles and vehicles for all four of the first Batman movies. They also produced several nice Batmobiles to accompany various animated television series based on our favorite Caped Crusader.

I recently picked this toy up to fill a long-time hole in my Batmobile collection. Although, I have many of Kenner's toy Batmobiles, this one has been on my "want list" for quite some time. I don't know why I waited for so long! This is a fantastic toy!

Sturdy and packed with features, this Batmobile exemplifies all that a Batmobile toy should be. Although, the styling and design of the car is very 1980's and right in line with the look of Batman's ride, at the time, this car still looks great and would still be a unwelcome sight to Gotham's underground.

There's just something so cool about the "comic book" colors on this car.... bright blue body, orange bubble windows, and bright yellow headlamps. With Batman and Robin seated inside, this car takes on an even more colorful, fun look. The Super Powers line was the last toy line to present Batman and his world in a classic, colorful way that would disappear for quite some time with the merchandising and release of the first Batman movie in 1989. Although I enjoy the dark, black, and brooding Batmobiles that have been released over the years, I also enjoy this more colorful take on the car.

It's interesting to me, also, that the 1966 TV Batmobile was still influencing the look of Batmobile design during the 80s, as evidenced by the split, bubble-top cockpit on the Super Powers Batmobile.

Aside from rolling and making a "whirring" noise as it rolls, this toy includes three main features. On the front, there is a spring-loaded battering ram that pops out with the press of a button in the cockpit.

Also, on the hood, is a set of retractable headlights that can be raised or lowered with a yellow sliding knob that juts from the dashboard.

Lastly, there is a pair of scissor-like graspers that pop from the rear of the car to capture criminals... as Robin is demonstrating in the photo.

I'm not sure why I held off so long on picking up one of these. I guess part of it is due to the Super Powers line being released between my childhood and the start of my collecting Batman stuff as an "adult" around 1989 (although, I did pick up a lone Super Powers Batman figure when this line was still on toy shelves). It fell into a historical gray area for me, so to speak. However, I couldn't be happier with this version of the Batmobile. It's just plain fun and very cool-looking on the shelf... a great counter to all the all-black Batmobiles I've got hanging around.


John said...

That is an awesome Batmobile. That is on my want list too. Definitely need to pick one up for myself soon.

Bubbashelby said...

Also on my 'must have...eventually' list. Great pictures!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Great post, Damn! I love this- had the old Mego Batmobile for the dolls, but not any of this stuff

Brian B said...

Excellent car!

That Robin. What an actor!

chunky B said...

Unfortunately for many of Batman's Rogues, being dragged behind the Batmobile to Arkham Asylum did not prove to be the best means of transportation.

Awesome post Brain A, as usual I am late to the party, great score, absolutely one of the great Batmobile Toys.

Brian A said...

Thanks, Everyone! I don't think I've been this excited about a new Bat-toy in quite some time. This car is truly a "classic."

Kati Bee said...

I have one of these I'm trying to sell, but it was my husband's growing up and I don't have a price point to go on! I know nothing of toys so your site has been very helpful, thank you!

Unknown said...

I got one for sale

James A said...

I got one for sale