Thursday, November 10, 2011

Justice League Batman Alarm Clock

A few weeks ago, my 12 year-old son walked into my studio and plunked this down on my desk. "You want this?" he asked. "Uh... yeah, are you done with it?" I asked back. Apparently, my son is now too old to have a Batman clock in his room. How Serendipitous! ... because I happen to be the exact age to have one of these sitting on my drawing desk!! Amazing.

So, this cool little item is now in my possession... waiting for the day when my son might want it back. If he doesn't, that's fine, too.

At any rate, this is one of those items that sort of flies under the radar of most Batman toy collectors. At least, it did with me. I didn't even know these existed until my son got this for Christmas, a few years back. It's always fun to have this kind of stuff around to complement the mainstream stuff. This has a copyright date of 2005 but I can't find a manufacturer marked on the clock, anywhere. The middle of the screen says "Hero Tactics." Perhaps, that's a clue to the manufacturer.

Enough of all that, though ... this is one cool alarm clock. It's Justice League branded but is definitely a Batman clock, if I've ever seen one. I just love the look of this thing... from the cool, retro-looking base with the bat-speaker, to the plastic figure of Batman, to the cool view-screen behind him. I like how this kind of looks like Batman is standing in front of the Batcomputer down in the Cave.

Aside from being an alarm clock, this unit also lights up and has several spoken phrases. Just press button one, two, or three and the corresponding panel lights up and a narrator's voice comes booming from the Bat-speaker.

Button 1) "Batman, The Dark Knight, stands guard over Gotham City and when duty calls, the world's greatest detective joins forces with the heroes of the Justice League to protect the World."

Button 2) "Copperhead's venom can incapacitate even Superman, but rare is the time a snake can get so close to the Man of Steel."

Button 3) With Superman's strength, Batman's skill, and the Flash's speed, even a brute like Solomon Grundy can be defeated.

Can you believe I just dusted this thing before taking photos?

Now, that's a fun Bat-clock that's worthy of keeping track of Bat-time on my desk.


chunky B said...

No excuse for late or missed deadlines now, not with Batman on the case.

Brian B said...

Love this!!!
I have a Batman alarm clock but not near this cool.
Good thing your son knew who would cherish it after he was done using it.

Nathan Dreessen said...

This is really cool. I just found one at a thrift store. The only problem is that it's missing the power cord. Do you know what voltage this beauty takes. I put a battery inside but only the clock display seems to work. I'm not sure if it needs to be plug in to have the lights come on and hear the phrases.

Brian A said...

Hi Nathan,

I pulled out the plug for this clock and this is what it says:

AC/DC Adaptor

I/P: 120V -60HZ 80mA

O/P: 9.2V=0.3A 3W

Also, the outside of the plug is positive, the inner core is negative.

Hope that helps.