Friday, August 21, 2009

Bat-Soap Forever

The summer of 1995 brought the release of the movie "Batman Forever".

Batman Forever's release timing couldn't be more perfect for me.
My birthday is in July so the release of the latest "Bat-movie" means plenty of Bat-merchandise is available for gifts.

That is why I have this gem.
A nice birthday card and a "Hey I saw this and thought I would pick it up for you!". Sweet!

I love those kinda things.
Somebody thought of me and knew that their gift would make me smile.

This guy is still unopened.
I think you buy this kinda thing for a kid to take a bath with or for a goober like me who just enjoys strange things, especially if it is Batman related.
I won't bath with it. I just hold on to it for 14 years and say "Do you have one of these in your collection?" "I do!".

Apparently they had other Bat-characters available in soap form as well.

Batman, in his soap form, has taken a beating while in storage.

His nose is no longer pointy but is smashed.
Grime fighting aint pretty.

The soap has great detail though.

Only through the magic of Photoshop will my Bat-soap see the tub.

Brian B


Brian Ashmore said...

Do I have one of these? No, I don't...darn it.

I've never even seen one of these before. I love the see-thru packaging and the sculpt on Batman (if only they had given him a pointy nose, Ha!).

Brian B said...

That is what I get for storing him in a hot attic in the bottom of the box.

Niels Hanssen said...

Woowie, i was just making an invtory for our insurance, after a fire in the attic.
Where my collection was stored.

I also own the two-face and batman soap, even after the fire they survived and look like they are still new! :)

Yes, they are great!

Seika from México said...

Hi, congratulations wow it's incredible i love batman blue why somtingh batman are black? i don't no, the soap it's great.