Thursday, August 20, 2009

Batman Shaving Kit

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We are learning this week that The Caped Crusader likes to promote general cleanliness.

When he says he is going to clean up Gotham he means it in every way.

And how early should we train our kids to shave? 3 is the right answer.

That is what it says on the box and you will notice that I was Johnny on the spot and had this set for my son on his third birthday. No brag, just fact.

I had enough foresight (meaning they were cheap enough) that I bought two of these lovely sets.
One for Levi and one for me.


Levi was excited to get anything Batman for a gift. Just like his Dad. Sniff, sniff.

So be a good citizen and start teaching you kids to shave early.

Brian B


Brian A said...

Cool set!... and hilarious post.

Who knew you needed to start your kids shaving at 3 years old?! I'd better get mine going...

I feel like a neglectful father for starting them so late!!

Brian B said...

Shame on you!

Classic Shaving said...

Shaving using the straight razors or double edge razors means giving myself the closest shave possible with less nicks and cuts. Thanks for sharing!

Marissa said...

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