Friday, August 7, 2009

Recent Bat-Finds

Okay...this post isn't going to be nearly as cool as having a photo with THE original Batmobile. In fact, it's pretty lame in comparison.

These are a couple of items I picked up on a recent trip to Target.

The first item is a Batman "Bye-Bye Boo-Boo." I always find it fun to roam around stores and see what kinds of odd things I can find that feature our favorite Caped Crusader. Sometimes it's toothbrushes or bandaids. Once, I saw a Batman branded Hamster joke. I didn't pick that one up. I did, however, pick up this odd little thing. It's one of those gel packs that you freeze and hold on an injury to reduce swelling. This was the only one I saw. So, I imagine there's a sullen, injured kid somewhere nursing a sprained-ankle with a Hello Kitty Bye-Bye Boo-Boo and secretly plotting my demise for taking the last Batman one.

I would imagine Batman, himself, uses these after a night of crime fighting... "Alfred, please bring down several more Bye-Bye's been a rough one."

The second item is a pack of Mattel Batman mini-figures from the new cartoon, The Brave and the Bold. I love the somewhat distorted, stylized look of these little guys. They are about 2 and a half inches tall and have a bit of articulation (neck, shoulders, waist). The first wave features quite a few different characters as you can see on the back of the package. There is also a Batmobile that goes with these guys. It's very cool and will be mine, soon... hopefully. (The last photo shows just how diminutive these guys really are when standing next to a 6 and a half inch tall Super Friends Batman figure.)

Brian A


Brian B said...

I like the Brave and the Bold toys.

I love their style and the show captures Batman as I like to see him, a little bit campy.

The only thing bad about new Batman stuff coming out to buy is that there is new Batman stuff out there to buy.

I wish I had Bruce Wayne's money.

Brian A said...

I hear ya.

When I walked into Target they had the new mini-figs (like 4 different sets), the Batmobile for the mini-figs (which comes with 2 more figures), and the new large, transforming Batmobile/Batplane for the regular sized Brave and Bold figures.

What a gip!! Everything at once!! Sadly, I could only walk out with one of the mini-figure 2 packs.

chunky B said...

I hate being on a budget, I did sneak this Brave and the Bold set in this weekend though. Our Target had the four two packs and some of the Batmobiles... They will be mine as well!

Oh and that transforming Batmobile is on my Holiday List this year, because it wouldn't be a Holiday without some Batman under the tree!