Monday, August 31, 2009

Batmobile 1995

We decided to do a few Batmobile posts this week here at Under The Giant Penny so I thought I would start out with one of my favorite Batmobiles in my collection.

This is a Christmas Hallmark ornament from 1995 and was a gift from some friends of mine, Pat and Randy.

I will have to mention them a few times while posting things in my collection because they are very kind and have given me a few Bat-gifts over the years.
Thank you, I am grateful.

This Batmobile is about 4 inches long and has great detail though Batman does look a little bored.

Robin is totally into it though.
I like the way their capes flap in the breeze.

I love its color too.
A nice Batman blue.

Even though this is a Christmas ornament it is on permanent display at my house.

Brian B

1 comment:

Brian A said...

great post! I love how you cropped the first photo.

Batman does look a little bored. :)

"Ho hum, another day of risking my life to protect the citizens. It's just what I do...yawn."